RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Manufacturer

Tellkamp Systems, Inc. has been in the design and manufacturing industry since 1971.  Our knowledge and experience with all types of industrial finishing and coating technologies led Tellkamp Systems to initially manufacture the Roxidizer® regenerative thermal oxidizer system for our California customers back in 1988. Tellkamp’s decades of thermal oxidizer manufacturing experience with the Roxidizer® RTO has allowed us to make the Roxidizer® system the most flexible and energy efficient RTO system available.  Our wide range of manufacturing equipment and capabilities simplifies the most difficult of projects.  The Roxidizer® thermal oxidizer offers start of the art performance with the lowest possible maintenance requirements.  Tellkamp Systems manufactures a complete line of standard Roxidizer® thermal oxidizer sizes in addition to custom thermal oxidizer projects.   Regenerative thermal oxidizer   Overhead view of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer built by Tellkamp   Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer built by Tellkamp - Sideview