Powder Coating Systems

Tellkamp Parts & Services, LLC will work with clients to meet any powder coating equipment requirement. Each powder coating system is engineered to handle a variety of part shapes and sizes. All systems include the latest in material handling, spray washer, curing oven and wastewater treatment design.

Vertically Powder Coated Steel Tubes

Powder Coated Steel Tubes

Tellkamp Parts & Services, LLC has recently pioneered the use of vertical powder coating technology to apply powder to steel tubes. The vertical powder line efficiently processes steel tubes up to 25 feet in length, providing low applied powder costs and minimal utility and manpower requirements.

Parts Pretreatment Systems

Spray washers are typically used to prepare parts for the powder coating process. Multi-stage washers can be set up to operate with iron phosphate, zinc phosphate and chrome free designs, assuring good coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.
Online Spray Washer for Pretreatment

Parts Dry-off and Curing Ovens

Depending on production requirements and project constraints, powder coating systems can utilize combination dry-off and curing ovens or separate dry-off and curing ovens. To allow greater flexibility and throughput, the use of Infrared (IR) ovens is becoming more common with powder systems.

Infrared Ovens

Infrared ovens are typically located at the entrance of the curing oven and they are used to rapidly raise the temperature of the powder coating, causing the material to “gel”. This speeds up the curing process and minimizes the possibility of cross contamination in the convection curing oven.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

A variety of options are offered for wastewater treatment. Systems can be designed for pH neutralization and solids removal, metals precipitation (chrome phosphate, zinc phosphate) and zero discharge. A recent innovation in wastewater treatment is the development of zero discharge systems. Using a zero discharge system eliminates the need to connect to an evaporation system or municipal sewage line. Benefits of zero discharge include decreased water and chemical additive usage. Please contact us to learn more our electrostatic powder coating products. If you’re in need of an industrial powder coating system, you can reach us at our Santa Fe Springs, California headquarters at (562) 802-1621.