Painted Extruded Aluminum

Tellkamp Parts & Services, LLC works with clients to design the most efficient aluminum extrusion paint finishing system available. We provide each of the components necessary for installation of an extrusion paint line. The decision between a vertical or horizontal paint system is typically based on production capacity requirements and the need for flexibility.

Vertical Extrusion Liquid Paint Systems

Vertical Extrusion Paint Systems

Designed for high production environments, the vertical extrusion liquid paint system provides the greatest amount of throughput while minimizing manpower requirements. The automated system moves extrusions vertically through each step in the pretreatment, paint finishing and curing processes.
Vertical Extrusion Paint Systems can be designed to allow the application of powder coatings, high solids liquid coatings and traditional high performance liquid coatings.
Horizontal Extrusion Liquid Paint Systems

Horizontal Extrusion Paint Systems

Designed for low to medium production requirements, our horizontal extrusion paint systems provide the end user with the greatest amount of flexibility. Pretreatment of the extrusions is typically accomplished off-line using a dip tank pretreatment system, though online spray washers are also used. The liquid paint and powder coatings can be applied using automatic guns or manual handguns, as required for optimum application of the coatings
Total Enclosure for 100% VOC Capture Efficiency

Controlling VOC Emissions

Tellkamp Parts & Services, LLC’s Roxidizer┬« technology is a proven strategy of integrating volatile organic compound (VOC) control equipment into an aluminum extrusion paint system. Many of the largest, most successful aluminum extrusion paint companies have used Tellkamp Parts & Services, LLC’s air volume reduction strategies to minimize the size and capital cost of the VOC control equipment necessary for the Clean Air Act compliance.
Using our total enclosure approach, clients are able to meet the requirements of the Maximum Available Control Technology (MACT) standards from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you have any questions about aluminum extrusions, please let us know. It would be our pleasure to discuss the specifics of our aluminum extruding process with you. We serve clients worldwide and can be reached at our Santa Fe Springs, California office at (562) 802-1621.