“Cut to Length” Vertical Powder Coating System

Vertical Powder Coating Booth with Full Stroke Reciprocator
The World Leaders in vertical powder coating technology, Trevisan Tellkamp’s latest vertical powder coating innovation meets the challenges of a high production powder coating system for the Window and Door manufacturing market. The “Cut to Length” vertical powder coating system provides high production capacity with the ability to economically powder coat extrusions in small runs with multiple powder color changes each shift. The system is designed to automatically powder coat extrusions in lengths up to 13′ – 0″. Parts are hung vertically on the overhead conveyor which allows the profiles to be cut to length prior to the powder coating process, assuring complete coverage of the extrusion including the exposed edges.
Vertical Powder Coating Bake Oven
Vertical Powder Coating System Advantages
  • Vertical Powder Coating at the Lowest Possible Applied Cost.
  • “Cut to Length” Powder Coating Eliminates Exposed Edges
  • JIT Powder Coating Cell
  • 3 Minute Color Change Times
  • 12 to 15 Color Changes Per Shift
  • Up to 600 Pieces Per Hour
  • No Rack or Hook Marks
  • Coats Aluminum, Fiberglass and Composites
  • Extrusion Lengths Up to 13′ – 0″
  • Small Equipment Footprint
  • Energy Efficient Design
  Typical Cut to Length Vertical Powder Coat Layout